According to his Barcelona teammates, Messi always seems to get affected every time he is criticized by the media.

In past, Lionel Messi has been criticized by many people about his inability to deal with criticism. It is common knowledge that the forward always responds badly to criticism. This is perhaps the reason why he hasn’t been able to guide Barcelona and Argentina to the sort of success he craves.

However, Suarez has debunked those claims, stating that such words only hurt his teammate.

The former Liverpool man also said that Messi has never tried to dominate people. This is another rumor that has been circulating for a few years. Many people feel that players in Barcelona are signed only after the Argentine’s approval.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, the forward has been one of the prime reasons behind Mauro Icardi’s absence from the national team setup.

As reported by Marca, Suarez says that Messi is completely different from what is being said about him.

“I see that they say that Messi doesn’t want this or the other, but he doesn’t say anything,” he told Fox.

lionel messi, argentina

Argentina face Uruguay with their top guns

Argentina is continuing their tough friendly schedule by meeting Uruguay after a big 1-0 win over their biggest rivals, Brazil.

“Neither about a coach nor about a player; nothing.”

In the national team I think it’s the same, as they asked him things and he said: ‘No, don’t ask me anything; take the decision yourselves’.

“We talk about all this stuff and obviously it hurts him as he is a human,” Suarez said.

“A football player has to be used to the fans’ criticism, but not to external criticism.”

Clearly, Messi has always seemed to cut a forlorn figure every time his club or country falls at the final hurdle. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Argentine maestro is taking things negatively.

During his time with Barcelona, the club has won countless honors. It is the same with Argentina. The Albiceleste were struggling before Messi made his debut. Things have changed since then even though major silverware still seems far away.


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