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Lionel Messi lashes out against a “corrupt” Conmebol

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Lionel Messi just declared war against Conmebol after calling them out on corruption, he refused to go out for the third place medal.

After Lionel Messi’s comments when Argentina lost against Brazil, Conmebol clearly had to open a file on him as a trouble maker.

In order to understand Messi’s comments against this institution further, we have to give you a proper history lesson that will help you see how corrupt Conmebol really is.

This is the South American football federation, they have a dark history of doing things in their own benefit without fear of any repercussions.

Whenever there is a player or a figure who comes out against them, they tend to get revenge as they appear to have done with Messi today.

After not getting two penalties reviewed by VAR against Brazil, it was evident that Leo would come out to speak up against Conmebol.

We explained how AFA sent them a letter complaining about the many irregularities they found in the way the referee officiated the semifinal.

This statement from Messi and AFA’s letter was the reason Conmebol acted against them again during Saturday’s match against Chile.

Leo is not a player who usually behaves in a violent manner, but the referee seemed to think so after sending him off next to Gary Medel.

Messi didn’t understand why this decision was made, which is why he remained on the pitch trying to get the ref to review VAR.

Leo refused to go out for the third place medal.

After failing to get the referee to check VAR, Messi left the pitch in anger and eventually refused to come out to get his medal.

As he’s been talking to the press constantly throughout this Copa America, people expected some explosive statement from Leo after the match.

The Argentine captain keeps proving he is a very different player today than 10 years ago, he came out guns blazing to speak to the press.

The statements he made could have a negative effect in his next year for Argentina, he already has one match of suspension but these accusations are very serious.

Usually, players who come out to point their fingers like this with no evidence get a larger ban.

In Leo’s case, this new version of the ‘Albiceleste’ captain is very much in line with the rebellious Diego Maradona when he didn’t agree with the decisions made by AFA and Conmebol when he was still a player.

In fact, there is a theory that states the legendary player was framed by FIFA during the 1994 World Cup and his failed drug test was staged against him on purpose for speaking up against the powers that be.

Leo isn’t afraid of any consequences for his words, something that may not be wise.

“I am very calm, people saw exactly what happened,” said Messi via Diario Ole.

“I always try to tell the truth and be honest, that’s how I can go to sleep at night without a problem.”

“If what I say has a consequence, it’s out of my control. I think what happened today was because of what I said after the match against Brazil.”

“Perhaps what I said influenced what they did today. A yellow card for both of us would’ve been enough.”

“I didn’t go to take the medal partly because of that, we can’t be a part of this corruption.”

“Conmebol disrespected us throughout the Copa America, we were competitive enough to reach the final.”

“Corruption and the referees are the reason the people aren’t allowed to become part of the football spectacle, the shoe, it all ruins it a little bit.”

“I have no doubt that this tournament is fixed for Brazil to win it. I hope VAR and the referee don’t influence the final and Peru has a chance to compete.”

“I don’t care about what they do, I leave with a clear conscience, with my head held high, and very proud of this group.”

“I hope the fans keep supporting this group of players. It’s clear that VAR could’ve checked the red card.”

“But all this is in the past now. We all know it should’ve been us in the final but we leave happy with the way we played,” he concluded.

What consequence will Lionel Messi have for his statements against Conmebol? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.