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Lionel Messi starts his battle with Barcelona’s board

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Right after Real Madrid’s victory against Getafe, Lionel Messi shook the football world and started his personal war against FC Barcelona’s board. 

Lionel Messi has been hinting at his possible departure from FC Barcelona for the last couple of years.

The Argentine forward has been arguably the most predominant player in the Spanish La Liga over the last decade. But his unbelievable results came hand in hand with the Catalan club’s golden generation that will never be repeated.

Messi was at the very center of it but he wasn’t the most important figure. That Barcelona side was a household name that needed all the pieces of the puzzle in order to function like clockwork.

As soon as key players such as Xavi or Iniesta left, Leo knew that the beginning of the end was just getting started. At the end of 2019, we already had a hint of what could happen in 2020 if the club didn’t respond as Leo expected.

It was evident that the Argentine wasn’t going to allow the club’s board to ruin his retirement. The Barcelona captain simply can’t finish his career on a low note. It’s only natural that he would like to go out with a bang. 

Leo wants to leave in 2021. 

Since the 2015 treble-winning season, Barcelona started to show signs of a decadent squad that was increasingly worrisome for all the supporters.

Filled with veteran players whose gas tank is already running low, Messi was the only one who stepped up to save the squad. This is a major red flag that tells the tale of a structural problem that could’ve been avoided by the board for years.

Josep Maria Bartomeu is the man responsible for Messi’s desire to leave because Leo is not willing to remain in a club with such a lethargic president.

In the face of disaster, the chairman only seems to care more about saving face and less about the players. This is the reason Messi is fed-up with the whole situation to the point of leaking information to the press.

As it stands on Friday, July 3rd. Cadena SER just broke the report of Messi convinced he will not renew his contract and will leave during the summer of 2021. 

The only way to convince Messi otherwise. 

Historically, FC Barcelona has been through internal issues between the board and historic players. It happened with Johan Cruyff, Ladislao Kubala, Ronaldo Nazario, and many more stars.

Every single time a player stands up against the president in turn, the footballer always loses the battle. But Leo Messi is arguably the most important figure in the club’s history, at least he has that in his favor.

The only way he can win this confrontation is by convincing the club’s associates to kick Bartomeu out of the club. However, this scenario is the least unlikely to happen.

It looks like Leo Messi’s brilliant run at FC Barcelona might be coming to an end. If I’m being honest about it, I would walk if I was the Argentine for the board’s ineptitude alone.

The overwhelming majority of Messi fans prefer watching him get another shot at winning all the titles instead of staying at a sinking club. We will obviously keep you posted on everything that happens with Messi over the next year.