Lionesses are prepared for French heat wave

According to Phil Neville, the game on Thursday night against Norway will go as planned, as he has no concerns over the weather.

Weather in France is set to reach as high as 45 degrees Celcius this Thursday.

Schools in some regions of the country are set to close because of the hot weather.

And England is set to play against Norway in the knockout stages of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

“The provisions have been made,” manager Phil Neville said to ESPN.

“I always think it’s such an English mentality to worry about the weather. You go around to see your grandma and it’s hot today, it’s cold today or it’s sticky out there.”

“I actually like it being hot, I really do — my players like it being hot. We feel good in the heat. Yes, it’s going to be a factor but we’ve planned for it,” he added.

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“We’ve had two weeks in St George’s Park where the players basically lived in a sauna — literally the sauna, that’s not no air conditioning at St George’s Park.”

He explained: “They’ve planned for it, training with thermals. We’ve planned and prepared every eventuality. We even planned what we saw in the Cameroon game.”

“We’ve had no surprises so far. We’re fully aware it’s going to be hot and one thing that won’t happen is the ball won’t get tired if we keep passing it.”



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