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Lippi turned down the Spurs because of his English

Marcello Lippi, China, Tottenham Hotspur
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The China national team manager, Marcello Lippi, had a chance to join Tottenham Hotspur in the past but he feared his English was not good enough.

Italian manager Marcello Lippi has revealed one of the reasons he turned a chance to coach in the English Premier League was because of the language.

According to him, Tottenham Hotspur offered him the position of boss, but he refused because he didn’t think he could speak English well enough.

“Yes, I was very close to Tottenham when I was coaching Juventus,” Lippi was quoted by Goal.

“They were very nice to me by contacting my son Davide. But I didn’t feel like leaving Turin and Juventus. For me, Juve was like Manchester United for Ferguson: a unique club that I loved to bits.”

“’I didn’t speak English well and that was also a reason I declined. Someone told me that Ferguson also didn’t speak English well because he was Scottish!” he added.

“I loved [Roy] Keane. He was very close to moving to Juventus but then failed to negotiate. I also loved [Paul] Scholes. He would have liked it anywhere and always played.”

“[Ole Gunnar] Solskjaer was very good as a player and I hope he will do very well as a coach. He deserves it,” he added.

“He was almost like a brother to me. We exchanged many gifts. I brought him the Turin gianduiotti [chocolate] for his grandchildren but he ate them in the end.”

“Even the wine, the good one from my Tuscany. He loved sending me the Matrioskas, the Russian ones, with boxes in the boxes containing his 1971 Whiskey Macallan. One day I have to call Alex and ask him for another box,” he commented.

“We used to send wine suggestions by mobile phone. He was in love with a wine he called ‘Tigno’. In reality, it was called ‘Tignanello’ but he was convinced it was wrong. We made a bet and called the sommelier of that restaurant. I won!”