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Liverpool and the Premier League dominate FIFA 20 TOTY

Virgil van dijk, kevin de bruyne
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The Premier League makes up seven of the first eleven, of which five are from Liverpool in the FIFA 20 Team of the Year.

The Premier League is often touted as the best league in the world.

The current European and World Champions are Liverpool of the Premier League.

The reigning Europa League Champions are Chelsea also of the Premier League.

Last year three of the four Champions League semi-finalists were from the Premier League.

The 2019 Europa League final was contested by two Premier League sides.

Let’s be honest it’s all about the Premier League!

But if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, just check out the FIFA 20 Team of the Year.

Liverpool has five players.

Sadio Mane with a rated card of 97, Andy Robertson with a 94, Trent Alexander-Arnold with a 95, Alisson Becker with a 97 and of course Virgil Van Dijk with a 99.

Van Dijk is the first-ever defender in EA Sports FIFA history to be awarded a 99 rated card.

The other two Premier League players are Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante who has a 97 and Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne with a 98.

There you have there is no questioning the facts the Premier League has the best players.