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Liverpool CEO: We hardly lost a game after Coutinho left

Philippe Coutinho, FC Bayern Munich
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Peter Moore suggests Philippe Coutinho’s departure ushered in a new era of transformation for Liverpool.

Liverpool CEO Peter Moore insists the club has no remorse over deciding to part ways with Philippe Coutinho as they have moved on to play a different style of football.

In 2018, Philippe Coutinho moved to Barcelona on the back of an impressive season with the Reds.

However, the €160 million player failed to replicate his performance levels and shipped off to Bayern Munich on loan the following season.

Recently, Coutinho stated that he was happy to see Liverpool’s Premier League dominance but does not regret leaving them. And Liverpool CEO Peter Moore insists that the club share a similar viewpoint and have adjusted to a different footballing approach.

“When Philippe Coutinho left, there was a change. Not only to the structure of the team but to the way we played football,” Moore told the Mirror.

“If you recall, when he left two years ago, then it was a complete change of style of play. We [hardly] lost a game over the balance of the season.

“No disrespect to Philippe but he had a different style of play. The money we got from Barcelona then helped fund Alisson Becker.”