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Liverpool continues celebrating Champions League title

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Divock Origi, Georginio Wijnaldum, Dejan Loven, and others, continue loving every moment of the celebration parade.

After beating Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the UEFA Champions League Final, Liverpool returned back to England to celebrate with their fans.

And the Reds players continue enjoying every moment of their sixth Champions League title.

“It feels good. I think today we can celebrate,” Divock Origi told the club’s official website.

“We have a wonderful team and Liverpool is celebrating today, we can feel it.”

“It means a lot to the people, I can see it in their eyes and in their reaction,” he added.

“It means so much and it’s beautiful for us because we give so much on the pitch and whenever you come back and you get a welcome like this it’s always good.”

Georginio Wijnaldum added: “Amazing. It’s difficult to put into words, it’s something you have to feel. It’s phenomenal.”

“You see how many people come to see the bus tour, it’s more than I expected. To see grandmas, grandpas, babies, all kinds of ages – you see how much it means to the city.”

Dejan Lovren said: “What we did in previous years, unfortunately, we lost a couple of finals. But all these people never stopped believing in us.”

“It’s a gift to them and they say thank you. It’s both ways – incredible.”

“Sometimes you need to be knocked down to get up again,” he continued.

“It’s about character, it’s about emotions, it’s about many things. I think this team has everything.”