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‘Liverpool don’t need to be at their best when Premier League resumes’

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Former Liverpool defender Glen Johnson believes the Reds might struggle when the Premier League resumes although they have the luxury to do so.

A 25-point gap at the summit of the league means Liverpool are by far deserved champions this season.

Following the return of the Premier League, the Reds need only two games at the maximum to be crowned champions.

Liverpool could even see their triumph come earlier should Man City fail to win against Arsenal for instance.

Many have predicted that clubs would struggle to hit previous heights when the league resumes due to fitness issues mostly.

And ex-Liverpool man agrees the Reds may not play at their best but it won’t matter considering they’ve all but won the title.

“I don’t expect them to pick up where they left off, they were literally in perfect peak form,” he told Daily Star Sport.

“But realistically, they won’t need to be. Everyone’s going to struggle to find their feet in the first two or three matches, but in that time the league might be over.

“It doesn’t matter about their performances now, all they need to do is get over the line, and that’s it.”

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