After a competitive 2-2 draw in 120 minutes, Liverpool defeated Chelsea in the European Supercup with a penalty save from Adrian.

Even though we already had the Community Shield, the first major trophy of the season was played today between Liverpool and Chelsea.

The European Supercup between the Champions League and Europa League winners took place today in Istanbul.

This was the same stadium in which the Reds won that legendary final against AC Milan back in 2005, today’s match would be just as dramatic as the one from 14 years ago.

Liverpool lost the very first title of the season against Manchester City already, they couldn’t afford to lose this one as well.

Chelsea was the rival for this evening, underestimating them based on last Sunday’s defeat at Old Trafford would be a grave mistake.

Jurgen Klopp knew that he couldn’t let his players relax against the Blues, he was right to fear them for this very important match.

For Frank Lampard, winning the title was important but not as much as leaving a good impression amongst the fans.

All the Chelsea supporters were deeply disappointed by that 4-0 defeat against Manchester United last weekend, the gaffer proved that was only a terrible nightmare.

N’Golo Kante’s presence on the pitch was key for the Blues’ performance this evening, the Frenchman finally went back to his ideal position as a central midfielder.

Pulisic finally awakens.

After a pre-season filled with doubts, this match was the one in which Christian Pulisic needed to appear.

The United States international is far from being considered Eden Hazard’s replacement, but he can at least prove he is worthy of the money Chelsea paid for him.

After the initial harassment from Liverpool during the first half-hour of the game, Lampard’s squad gained control of the ball and Christian was the player who made the difference.

At a certain moment of the game, we had a crazy box-to-box final that proved English football is back at the top in Europe.

Pulisic is the one who broke the draw with a beautiful assist to Olivier Giroud, the French striker scored his 13th goal out of his last 12 matches played in European competitions.

Pulisic wanted more and he scored a beautiful solo goal just a few minutes after his assist, but referee Stephanie Frappart disallowed it because Pulisic was in offside.

By the way, this was the first time that a female referee officiated a men’s final as important as this one.

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Frappart did a perfect job throughout the whole match, she called all the right shots and the players always respected her.

The first half ended with the Blues winning with a 1-0 result, but Liverpool still needed to make their statement in the second half.

Mane and Adrian, Liverpool’s heroes in Istanbul.

Jurgen Klopp’s side immediately got back in the game after Firmino and Mane made the first combination of the evening.

Sadio was the one who finished it early in the second half, the Reds were instantly back in the competition.

The draw remained until the moment that extra time was upon both squads, they both made four substitutions as the rule book demanded.

Mane scored another goal early in the first extra time, and Jorginho scored a penalty just a few minutes later.

It was 2-2 in the scoreboard and both squads were extremely tired after 120 minutes, penalties were inevitable at this point.

This was a nearly perfect series in which all ten shots were taken, nobody failed until the very last one.

Youngster Abraham missed his shot after Adrian saved the attempt with his right foot, this gave Liverpool the European Supercup title but left Chelsea with their heads held high.

The Reds keep suffering in Istanbul, but they always come out on top when the situation is at its most dramatic.

Frank Lampard can rest easy, this match proved he does have a competitive Chelsea squad for the rest of the season.

What did you think about Liverpool’s difficult victory against Chelsea this evening? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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