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Liverpool title challenge motivated by last season

trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool
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Liverpool’s assault on the Premier League this season is motivated by their failure from last season.

According to Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold, the Champions League victory is insufficient in his eyes.

He wants more, including the Premier League, and one title is not enough.

A local lad, or a scouser as they are more commonly know. Alexander-Arnold has almost a cult following in his home town. He knows the history of his team and what it means, to the club and its fans.

So many years as the benchmark of English football, and now nothing, domestically speaking.

he wants to learn from last years failings, and come back stronger and win the Premier League. But he is addamanet that one win will not do.

To be considered among the greats of football and Liverpool, they must show consistent dominance when it comes to winning championships and titles.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, he addresses last years shortcomings and the strength .of rivals Manchester City.

He said:

“I’m sure we picked up things from how City won last year, they showed us how winning’s done. They were relentless.”

“Losing the title was the worst feeling many of us had ever felt in football. Coming so close to something.”

“Coming so close to feeling as though you have made something of yourself and made your family proud.”

“Then in a split second, you feel as if you have let everyone down in the world, you feel as if you weren’t good enough.”

Liverpool wants to win everything, not one trophy or another.

He continued:

“You can’t dismiss one trophy to go after another. Why not go for both? We have got the quality in the squad. We want to win everything. We have to be selfish about that.”

“We don’t want to give other teams an easy route into winning trophies.”

“We want to dominate on all fronts, get to finals, go to Wembley in May every season, be around the title race every season.”

The Champions League victory of last season, and Liverpools sixth in total was not satisfaction enough.

He added:

“When we won the Champions League last season, the celebrations were incredible.”

“But it wasn’t even a week of pure joy. We still weren’t satisfied.”

“The attitude was that it would have been better if it was the double that we had done. We told ourselves that that was what we needed to push for this season.”

A place in the history books is what he and his Liverpool teammates have on their mind.

He concluded:

“We don’t want to be remembered as that Liverpool team that only won the Champions League.”

“We want to be the team that people can’t remember how many trophies we have won because we won so many.”

“If someone mentions Liverpool winning the Premier League, we want people to say, ‘Which one?’ or ‘What year was that? Was that number 19? Was that 21?'”

“We don’t want to be remembered as the team who missed out to Manchester City in a great title race.”

“We don’t want to be the team that nearly did it. We want to be the team that did it.”

trent alexander-arnold, Liverpool
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – AUGUST 09: A fan stands in-front of mural of Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool ahead of the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Norwich City at Anfield on August 09, 2019 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)