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Liverpool wins its sixth Champions League vs Tottenham

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An early goal from Salah gave Liverpool the advantage vs Tottenham, Origi scored the second goal near the end of the Champions League final.

The day of the Champions League final was finally here, Liverpool and Tottenham were ready for this historic game at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid.

We had the second all-English final in this competition’s history and over 70,000 English fans in the city supporting both squads, everything was ready for a great final.

Before the final started, there was a round of applause in memory of the recently deceased Jose Antonio Reyes.

The match started with a surprising decision from the referee, who called a penalty after Danny Rose touched the ball with his right arm by accident.

The replay clearly showed the English defender touching the ball with his chest first, but the VAR and the ref didn’t change the final decision.

Mohamed Salah finally got his chance to deliver during a final, he took the shot from the spot and he didn’t miss.

Liverpool had the early advantage and Tottenham Hotspur needed to score a goal with over 88 minutes still left on the clock.

Mauricio Pochettino knew that his players needed a few minutes to recover from the initial goal scored by Salah, he decided to wait for a short while before starting to shout instructions.

The first half was a tactical masterclass from Liverpool’s defense, with Virgil van Dijk leading his squad from the back.

Tottenham Hotspur’s awakening.

After a highly disputed first half with very few opportunities from each side, Tottenham Hotspur needed something to wake up from this slumber.

The chances to win the title were slipping through their hands, Mauricio Pochettino tries to fix his mistakes from the first half.

The Argentine manager decided to give Harry Kane a place in the starting XI, which meant that Lucas Moura didn’t get a chance to play from the beginning of the match.

It was clear that Tottenham Hotspur’s semifinal hero needed to be on the pitch, but the manager didn’t let him come in until the 66th minute.

There simply wasn’t enough time for the Brazilian to make the difference, especially with the impressive performances from Van Dijk and Alisson this evening.

The Dutch defender kept his composure pretty much throughout the whole 90 minutes, Alisson was also there to help out when Virgil couldn’t help.

The Brazilian goalkeeper had a spectacular set of saves during the final minutes, one after a shot by Moura that could’ve been the equalizer.

Tottenham Hotspur completely changed after Lucas came on the pitch, the Spurs fans actually believed that the equalizer was possible.

But Jurgen Klopp wasn’t ready to lose another European final, he kept pushing his players to not lose their focus.

A thrilling final minutes at the Metropolitano.

Even though Tottenham Hotspur was completely dominating the game during the final 20 minutes of the match, Liverpool’s backline always kept their composure.

The Reds’ successful season can be defined by how strong their defense has been throughout the whole year in all competitions.

Virgil van Dijk’s figure was incredibly important and he got his well-deserved reward this Saturday, this victory gives Virgil his chance to win the Ballon d’Or this year.

The defense kept Tottenham from scoring the equalizer long enough for someone to score a second goal up front.

This moment happened during the final minutes of the game, it was during a corner kick in which Van Dijk attempted to connect a header.

However, the rebound was taken by Matip and delivered to Origi with a lot of space to maneuver.

The Belgian striker was the man who scored another decisive goal during this final part of the season, perhaps the most important next to the one he scored against Barcelona.

With a 2-0 lead and practically no more time left on the clock, Liverpool’s players heard the final whistle of the game.

The Reds’ are the new UEFA Champions League winners, they have won the sixth title in their history.

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