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Livingston coach Gary Holt slams Alex McLeish

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Livingston boss Gary Holt has hit back at Scotland coach Alex McLeish for comments saying Kieran Tierney sustained an injury because he played on their artificial pitch.

McLeish made a connection on Friday saying that all the Celtic players in his squad who played on Livingston’s artificial pitch last Sunday have all reported for international duty with tightness in their legs.

Holt was angered by the claim and told Sky Sports: “It’s been well documented the conversations about plastic pitches, but I was at the game and he [Tierney] played 90 minutes.

“I think he played 90 minutes on Thursday [against RB Leipzig]. I think all the other boys that played would have been stiff after the game considering the amount they have played.

“Let’s be honest, I think people blame Brexit on Livi’s pitch these days. It’s an excuse that is what it is, people looking for excuses as usual.

“The boy is tight, he has played in a lot of games. maybe that is the reason for it. You cannot turn around and blame someone’s pitch, that’s just somebody making an excuse.

“It obviously just makes it easier for him because he doesn’t have the headache of who he plays, Andy Robertson or Tierney.”