Tottenham Hotspur almost missed the qualification out of the group stage, barely making it to the last 16.

At the end of three UEFA Champions League matches, Tottenham Hotspur had only one point.

And Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris remembers how they almost missed the ticket to the Round of 16, and how now they are in the Final against Liverpool.

“It was a bad feeling. We were nearly out of the competition. It was important to stay positive and keep the belief, but it was very hard,” he told ESPN.

“After a game like that, you don’t talk too much.”

“We needed a few days to switch off from this match and to think about the rest of the competition,” Lloris said.

“We produced a great performance.”

“Ousmane Dembele scored an amazing goal for Barcelona on the counterattack, but no one was used to see Barca losing the control of the ball the way they did against us, even if they had rested some of their players,” the goalkeeper added.

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“However, when you start to miss one chance, two chances, when their keeper makes some amazing saves, you start to think that this is not your night.”

“It was the first main moment of the Champions League campaign for us. I still remember how we celebrated with the fans,” Lloris continued.

“They were quite high in the stands, but they made so much noise when the Inter Milan game finished that we understood straight away that we were through.”


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