Lloris thinks Tottenham can compete without Harry Kane

Now that the extent of Harry Kane’s injury has been revealed, Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris is convinced that the Spurs can cope without their skipper.

As we all know from last Sunday’s match between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, striker Harry Kane left the pitch after a nasty tackle that made him sprain his ankle and will be out of competition for at least a full month.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino already spoke about how unfortunate this new injury was, many Spurs fans are even afraid of how badly the squad may perform without their best player.

But goalkeeper Hugo Lloris doesn’t think that people should be this negative, he is convinced that the squad has what it takes to compete against all the club that will face Tottenham in the upcoming calendar month and Harry Kane’s absence won’t affect them that much.

The Spurs have a relatively easy calendar apart from the crucial Carabao Cup match against Chelsea next week, they will certainly miss Harry Kane for this match and his absence could bring the squad’s morale down for such a crucial game.

But Lloris wanted to send a message to all the fans, and to the players as well because the club’s whole season depends in this month without their top player.

“We all know how important Harry is in our team, but he is not all of our team,” said Lloris via Four Four Two.

“Football is about the team and every player is ready to help the team.”

“In football, during the season, you have ups and downs and you have to always adapt to those and we will see about ‘H’. But I think everybody is ready and the most important thing is the mind: being ready to fight, being ready to help, being ready to compete. It is better when you have all your best players on the field, but that can happen here or it can happen at other clubs.”

“Every season is different. Every player is different. With or without him, we will see how we do. The most important thing is to prepare for the games as well as we can.”

“We will see for Fulham in the next game with or without Harry, with or without Son [Heung-min]. Throughout the whole team you have important players but the main thing is the collective.”

“It is the only way to get trophies. It is not about one or two players, but, as you know, we all know the importance of ‘H’. We are still involved in all competitions, the main thing is to finish in the top four. We said this from the beginning and we don’t change our mind,” he concluded.

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The upcoming Premier League for next weekend for Tottenham Hotspur will be a London Derby against Fulham, this will be the very first match without Kane.

Then they have to play against Chelsea in that Carabao Cup semifinal that we mentioned, the Spurs will have to play against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup three days later, and then they will have three consecutive Premier League matches.

The first two will be at home against Watford and Newcastle United, two relatively easy matches.

The third Premier League match before the full month without Kane passes will also be at home against Leicester City, but the major concern for all the Spurs fans will be the next match exactly one month after Kane’s injury.

As we all know, Tottenham will have to face Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League on Wednesday 13 February and the plan is to have Kane fully recovered by then.

The Spurs are looking to get past the Round of 16 in the competition, but they are facing one of the most dangerous squads in European football this season.

Not having their best player in top form will be complicated, but he will do everything in his power to be available.

How do you think Tottenham will do without Harry Kane in the next month? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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