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Lo Celso feels Spurs need time to adjust to Mourinho

Lo Celso
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Giovani Lo Celso believes Jose Mourinho has made an instant impact but they need more time to adapt.

Jose Mourinho’s appointment was hoped to set the Tottenham sails in the right direction. With two wins out of two, the Portuguese seems to be on the right track.

Mourinho’s men have scored seven goals in his last two matches. Although its too soon to be sure, Mourinho has brought a certain swagger to Spurs.

Tottenham midfielder Giovani Lo Celso has acknowledged his team’s improvement under the Portuguese manager. Lo Celso feels that although the former Manchester United man has instilled confidence in the players and the staff, they need time to fully resonate with Mourinho.

“It takes time for the team to take on board all the new ideas. We know they bring with them new ways of working, new methods, new ideas,” the Argentine told Sky Sports.

“The main thing is this period started with a victory initially and that gives confidence, not only to the players but also to the coaching staff and manager as well.

“I think it will take time to really take on board the new ideas and tactics. But I think we’ve started well and that’s a positive,” Giovani Lo Celso admitted.