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Long full of praise for Megan Rapinoe

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The midfielder believes the fourth FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy was won thanks to the United States national team captain.

The United States national team won its fourth FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy today after defeating the Netherlands 2-0.

And midfielder Allie Long has praised captain Megan Rapinoe for her work during the whole tournament.

“She deserves every ounce of this stardom that she is getting,” the midfielder said to Goal.

“She is special. She is an amazing team-mate, an amazing person, and I’m truly honored to share the field with her.”

“I just love her so much. She’s one of the bravest people that I know and someone that stands up for people that don’t have a voice. That’s so much harder than people realize to do. I just love her,” she added.

“I feel absolute gratitude.”

“There are so many close relationships on this team and I’ve never felt more unified and just grateful to be a part of such a special team,” Long commented.

“It’s my ultimate dream to win the World Cup. I’ve dreamt of this day since [the USA won it in] 1999 and so for it to be my dream as a reality, it’s just remarkable.”