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Long term planning, the key to success for Atlanta United

Atlanta United, MLS
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According to Atlanta’s president Darren Eales, the way to success was not easy for his team, but they planned to be successful all along.

Last season Atlanta United won the Major League Soccer (MLS) title.

And this season the team is already in the Playoffs, after winning the Campeones Cup against Mexican Liga MX teams too.

But all this success is thanks to long planning, according to president Darren Eales.

“[Owner Arthur Blank] hired me two-and-a-half years before we kicked a ball,” Eales told Sky Sports.

“That was a pretty unusual decision because usually, the way that teams would approach it is that they would hire you only when the revenue starts coming in and when you start playing matches.”

He explained: “They would wait until the last minute to hire. Instead, I had two-and-a-half years unbeaten.”

“It was important because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and this gave us the runway to succeed.”

“It was a unique situation as well because it was a totally new club,” Eales added.

“It was not like Orlando City that had been in the lower league already.”

“We were brand new so as well as putting a team together, there were the kit and the whole identity,” he commented.

“Our owner understood the importance of a training ground because of the Falcons.”

“So we built one that is one of the best in North America. It was an easy sell to him because he realized that this sets your identity when you try to recruit players,” he said.

“Having the Falcons as an example was a real blessing for us in terms of that infrastructure.”