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Longstaff – It was a dream come true

matty longstaff, newcastle united
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Matty Longstaff dreamed of scoring the winner against Manchester United, and that’s exactly how it happened.

Manchester United an Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are living the ultimate nightmare in their footballing lives.

The man who piled on their misery, however, is living his dream.

Matty Longstaff, not only got his Premier League debut for Newcastle United, but he also scored the decisive winning goal for them too.

The paise has piled in for the performance and the achievement.

Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer took to social media to mark the achievement.

Former Scotland international and BBC pundit Pat Nevin said:

“It is a dream. They will be on Match of the Day 2, they will be a social media sensation.”

“What a moment for him. Get used to it.”

“When you start your career and think about your first game and who it will be against.”

“To think you will do it against Manchester United, at home, with your brother playing alongside you.”

“Yeah, right, that will happen! Well, it just has.”

“He was the coolest man in the ground when the ball dropped to him.”

“That moment, with the brothers having a little hold of each other, turning around and smiling to the family in the stands is a brilliant moment for them.”

Manager Steve Bruce speaking to the BBC, said:

“They [the Longstaffs] are a very proud family.”

“For one of your sons to be playing, let alone the two – and 19 and 21 years old – it’s something else.”

“When it fell to Matty, I thought I’ve seen him drill them in in training, but to do it on the big stage.”

“He’s been a breath of fresh air. He just wants to play football.”

“I thought ‘who’s this ginger kid?’ when we were on pre-season in China.”

“He’s been good in training.”

“It didn’t faze him. He enjoyed it. He probably didn’t sleep well last night.”

“He won’t get much sleep again tonight. It’s quite a story.”

“I’ve been going 20 odd years and not been able to beat Manchester United and he’s done it straight away.”

His brother and teammate Sean who has been a target for Manchester United added:

“I am over the moon. I know how hard he’s worked.”

“He’s been the best player in training. He was a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t be prouder of him.”

“It was great. Look how lively he was, he made my job a lot easier.”

“He was really quiet last night – he’s usually bouncing around the house shouting. I’ve never heard him so quiet.”

The player himself explained how he had dreamed of this very moment, and he was truly living his dream.

Matty Longstaff talks of how he found out he was playing.

He said:

“I found out I was in the team after training on Saturday.”

“Your belly starts to turn a bit, you get a bit nervous and then you don’t sleep much.”

Then the dream became a reality.

He added:

“I dreamed about it last night – this is kind of how it went.”

The two brothers are Newcastle boys, born and bred.