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Longstaff says he’s focused only in Newcastle

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The midfielder has been linked to a move to Manchester United this summer, but he wants to assure fans he wants to stay.

11 months ago, midfielder Sean Longstaff was called up for the first time to Newcastle United’s senior squad.

And the player adapted soon and is set to stay at this level of football, even if some clubs want to acquire his services.

“It’s tough when you see friends that you have grown up with or been out on loan with and people you speak to every day, and suddenly you find they won’t be here next season,” he was quoted by The Chronicle Live.

“That was to tough to see and deal with.”

“But it shows you how ruthless football can be,” he added.

“One minute you think you are fine and you will be around then suddenly it gets ripped away.”

Longstaff explained: “You look at it as motivation to make sure you are doing everything you can every day.

“As much as it is going great now it can be ripped away in a second.”

“Suddenly you are out of Newcastle and looking for something new, that is something I am looking to avoid as long as possible,” he said.

“It just shows how far I’ve come.”

He spoke about the Red Devils’ interest: “If someone told us at the start of the season that by the end of it you’d be linked with these teams I’d have laughed at them but it’s nice, it’s flattering.”

“I’m massively flattered to have my name even mentioned in those conversations but as I said, I’m 100% focused on Newcastle and trying to get fit and get back in the team here.”