Lopes thinks Lyon can defeat Barcelona in 2019

Lyon’s goalkeeper Anthony Lopes, spoke about his new year’s resolution and placed beating FC Barcelona in the at the top of his list.

The year 2019 will be very important for Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes, he will have to face the powerful FC Barcelona in the Champions League’s round of 16 and will have one of the biggest challenges of his career.

The French goalie spoke about what he expects in 2019 after a relatively good year with Olympique Lyonnais, he keeps the hope that his teammates will manage to upset one of the biggest title contenders for the Champions League this season and he is feeling ready for the challenge.

“We are motivated by many things in this 2019. We are going to do everything in our power to win the title in both domestic competitions,” said Lopes via Mundo Deportivo.

“I would be a great gift for us and for the club. But everybody also has that round of 16 against Barcelona in their mind. This will be a first for me.”

“It’s a fantastic match, very attractive to play for anybody. We are going to be watched by the whole world.”

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“Why can’t we believe that we can be successful? We know we can do it. I still remember Juninho’s goal against Barcelona in Gerland, or Gregory Coupet’s double-save at Camp Nou (2008-2009).”

“This will also be a great chance to meet with Sam (Umtiti) again. It will be a very special moment,” he concluded.


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