Lopetegui opens up about his horrible time at Real Madrid

Now that a little time has passed after the horrible experience at Real Madrid, Julen Lopetegui finally opened up about how it all went down.

After Julen Lopetegui took control of Real Madrid almost overnight, the story broke in the news and we were all in shock of the way everything went down.

The Spanish manager was coming from a very positive dynamic with the National Team, they were considered favorites in the Russia World Cup and we all thought they really had a chance to win their second trophy in history.

But then along came Florentino Perez to mess things up, he lured Julen to think that moving to Real Madrid was the best option for him and he did in a very loud manner that angered the Spanish Football Federation with good reason.

The manager was dismissed and he immediately took control of Los Blancos, but everything happened too fast and Lopetegui wasn’t able to properly digest his own reality.

His failure at Real Madrid was the representation of how things tend to fall apart when you force them, it was clear that things tend to end very badly when they started in the same way.

Nothing happened organically as it should have, not even the players were feeling comfortable with their new boss and Julen knew that he was way in over his head.

“It was not easy for me,” said Lopetegui on BBC Sport.

“We worked very hard for two years, we felt that we were ready to have a fantastic World Cup.”

“Two months previously, when I signed a new contract with Spain, they put a buyout clause in. It was [Luis] Rubiales’ idea, I agreed it with him no problem and then it [the Real Madrid job offer] happened.”

“The timing was not chosen by me or Real Madrid – I said yes, but I knew the World Cup was my only responsibility. To keep it secret for one month is impossible and was not honest.”

“We were convinced it was best to have a press conference to open and close the issue then, after that, the only focus was the World Cup.”

“The players were fantastic. After I told them, we had our best training session in the three weeks of our preparation so we were very happy but in the end the president took that decision.”

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“It was a very hard moment and I will never forget it because it was a surprise. I felt it was very unfair.”

“It was a five-hour flight home from Moscow to Madrid and I did not say anything but that is life. It was a very hard experience but you need to try and put it in a positive situation,” added Julen about how things went down between him and the Spanis Football Federation.

You can tell how quickly everything happened by the way Lopetegui talks about it, he doesn’t believe he had enough time to work at Real Madrid and the club’s president lacked the patience to let him work enough to start finding the results.

Julen is the least guilty out of everything that happened, and yet he was the one who lost everything in the end.

The manager already revealed that he would be keen on a new job in English football, but he is still bitter for the way they treated him in Spain.

“I didn’t sleep; I didn’t know where I was. One day I was in Russia training for the World Cup, the next I was in the Santiago Bernabeu with a new team,” he continued.

“It was very fast, difficult to take in and the emotions were high. It was hard to be told to leave the World Cup, it was a dream that I hard worked so hard for and with all this emotion, I am human, so sometimes you can’t control it.”

“We had a good start, the team was playing well but then we had three very bad weeks,” he said.”

“You just hope you have time to find a solution because these things can balance out over a season. We were sure this situation was going to pass.”

“I didn’t have time, that is the best way I can explain it.”

How big of responsibility would you give Julen Lopetegui for everything that happened to him? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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