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Louis Van Gaal – Mr. “Unpredictable”

Van gaal
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One time Bayern Munich and Netherlands defender Edson Braafheid reveals the laughing, joking, screaming, and seriousness of Louis Van Gaal.

There is no doubt that Louis Van Gaal has the track record of a legendary manager. The Dutch tactician has won trophies at every club he has managed.

You would be hard pushed to find a manager that would rank alongside the former Manchester United boss.

Van Gaal however, has been described in the past as controlling and a micromanager, others have said he is scary, while some have said he was always brutally honest.

Now it appears that a player who knew him well from his time in Bayern Munich was his compatriot and defender Edson Braafheid.

Braafheid appears to describe Van Gaal as an almost Jekyll and Hyde type person.

He told Goal:

“When I went to training in the morning, I never knew what kind of person to expect there.” 

“Van Gaal was unpredictable. Sometimes it was all funny, but then again the same things could be disrespectful and provocative. I don’t want to give an example – there are things that don’t belong in the media.”

He recalls an instance when all of a sudden he flew off the handle.

Braafheid added:

“Back then there were only three outfielders on the bench, Danijel Pranjic had problems in the first half, which is why Van Gaal sent me, David Alaba and Thomas Muller to warm up.”

“During the break, he told me: ‘Get ready, Pranjic won’t be able to continue’.”

“So I kept warming myself up, but Pranjic stayed on the field. In the 80th minute, Van Gaal finally took him off and put Alaba on. And I thought to myself: ‘Well, I don’t need to warm up anymore’.”

“I went back to the bench. Van Gaal said nothing to me, it only started in the dressing room.”

“The game ended 3-3 and we lost more ground in the battle for the title with Dortmund. Van Gaal was beside himself and screaming. He came up to me and shouted: ‘Why don’t you warm up when I tell you to warm up?’”

“We argued violently and I tried to make my point clear to him. He just shook his head and went to shout at someone else.”

“He was a very difficult person, although in retrospect I can understand some of his actions that I could not understand at the time.”

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