Lovren expects a perfect Liverpool season

The Reds footballer believes his team can have a perfect English Premier League season and lift the trophy in the summer

Liverpool is currently sitting in the top of the English Premier League table with 54 points.

The team has won 17 matches, drawing three times and has yet to lose a single game.

They are the only EPL club which has remained undefeated.

And for Reds footballer Dejan Lovren, his team can do what it takes to have a perfect season.

Pep Guardioal, manchester city

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“It’s not only December, I would say, it’s all the period we have played well,” he told the club’s official website.

“Even sometimes when we didn’t play well, [like] against Everton, we had the luck, we had the belief and it came back to us again.”

“The key, like I have said many times, is the defensive moments when we don’t have the ball and everyone is working so hard, up front especially,” he explained.

“They are the first defenders and we are the last defenders. That’s the key for us.”


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