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Lozano’s Napoli nearly eclipses Ronaldo’s Juventus in Turin

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In a thrilling match at Juventus Stadium between the Old Lady and Napoli, Hirving Lozano scored on his official Serie A debut.

Juventus Stadium opened its doors to have the most exciting match at the start of this new Serie A tournament, the Old Lady received Carlo Ancelotti’s Napoli.

Initially, they believed that this game would be easy due to the fact that they were playing at home.

Juventus did have most of the dangerous chances in the first half, they even got ahead in the scoreline by a large margin but Napoli had a secret weapon.

Nobody in European football had Hirving Lozano as a potentially dangerous player for Serie A, especially against Juventus.

Ancelotti decided to leave him on the bench during the first half, but he was willing to give him a chance to make his debut during the second half.

The local squad started strong thanks to Douglas Costa’s impressive level of performance, he was the one who served the assist for the first goal.

Danilo connected a precise cross from his compatriot and got Juventus ahead in the scoreboard.

Napoli was drowning in a very complicated game for them in the first half, they weren’t able to stop Juventus’ demolishing attack.

Gonzalo Higuain scored the second goal only three minutes after the first, he did it through a beautiful individual play that he finished with a potent right-footed finish.

With a 2-0 momentary result, this game went into half time with the feeling that the locals had the result in the bag.

‘Chucky’ makes his debut with Napoli.

Carlo Ancelotti didn’t waste any time with his decision, he took Lorenzo Insigne out and gave Hirving Lozano his debut in Serie A.

The Mexican winger usually made an impact in every single squad that he plays for, he tends to score goals in his debuts.

Juventus even got ahead in the scoreboard through Cristiano Ronaldo, Douglas Costa provided another assist from the right-wing and the Portuguese player scored the 3-0.

This game seemed doomed, but ‘Chucky’ started doing everything to motivate his teammates.

Suddenly, having Lozano by their side made them believe that a turn around could be possible.

Only a few minutes after Ronaldo’s goal, Napoli started an attempt to score the goal that could wake them up.

Manolas scored the first for his side during a set-piece, he did it through a header that gave Napoli some hope.

This is where Lozano made his triumphant debut, the Mexican didn’t fail with his impressive statistic and scored the second goal for his side.

‘Chucky’ always makes his debut with a goal, and he gave his teammates the strength to believe they could at least tie the game.

Another set-piece granted Napoli that third goal, it came after Lozano received a foul right outside of the box.

Ancelotti knows that he has a truly dangerous player in his hands, we had a final 15 minutes that could be heart-stopping for anybody.


Those final minutes of the game were truly incredible to watch, the tension was quite palpable at Juventus Stadium and the victory could go to anybody.

Napoli had a few more dangerous chances to win it, but Juventus were the ones with the last laugh.

During another set-piece but for the locals, Koulibaly sadly scored an own goal with no more time left on the clock.

This was the only reason Juventus won this match, but they came dangerously close to losing the game thanks to what Hirving Lozano just did.

This match is yet another proof that the Italian Serie A is back at the top of the elite, it is going through a Renaissance that will give us some of that flair from the ’80s and ’90s back.

Cristiano Ronaldo did his part this evening, but he was eclipsed by an unexpected appearance from Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano.

When he first arrived in Italy, he was not well-known by anybody, that will completely change after what happened this evening at Juventus Stadium.

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