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Lucas Moura: The Brazilian star that English football craved

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Just as we complained about English football not having many Brazilian stars to brag about, Lucas Moura appeared from nowhere to shut us up.

It was just this week when the Ronaldo.com office was discussing why English football usually doesn’t have Brazilian stars to brag about, Lucas Moura appeared today to hear our plea.

The former Sao Paulo winger has been one of the most impressive players for Tottenham Hotspur this season.

Although he is Brazilian, Moura doesn’t fit with the usual profile that players from his country have.

We are talking about an atypical Brazilian family man who is very disciplined with his profession, his compatriots from the past are usually a riot and tend to live their life in a more festive manner.

But Lucas Moura always had his priorities straight, this is a man of faith who always believed that his skills could take him to the very top.

Destiny finally gave him his chance to prove himself when manager Mauricio Pochettino requested his transfer to chairman Daniel Levy.

Lucas actually came from PSG after a five-year spell with the French giants.

The winger saw how his chances began to crumble down when compatriot Neymar came to play in his position.

Knowing that offensive Brazilian players don’t do well in England, Moura still decided to come to Spurs.

From a sub at PSG to a Spurs’ star.

Moura is actually the very last transfer that Tottenham Hotspur made last season, he came during the winter transfer window from his former club.

Before the negotiations closed between PSG and Spurs, Arsenal attempted to sign Moura with no success.

It appeared destiny wanted Lucas Moura to play for Mauricio Pochettino, but the player didn’t have an easy adaptation as he struggled to break into the starting XI.

But this season was the one that gave him more opportunities, Lucas Moura began to play more after Harry Kane or Dele Alli fell injured during the season and he responded quite well to the challenge.

The first big night that Moura had would come at Old Trafford, the winger scored the winner in the Premier League during the first half of the season.

However, this great performance was only the prelude of something that Moura himself never imagined or pictured in his wildest dreams.

The second big night for Lucas came fairly recently, he is the first player in history to score a hat-trick at Tottenham’s new stadium.

Life finally started to smile back at Lucas, but the best was saved for last night.

The key moment for Moura came under maximum stress, the situation couldn’t be direr for him or Tottenham Hotspur.

As the English club was losing the match with a 3-0 aggregate score, the player stepped up and scored not one but all three goals that gave Spurs that ticket to the final in Madrid.

To those statistic nuts who love to read about miscellaneous facts, Moura got a unique record on Wednesday after this hat trick.

There have been a total of 17 hat-tricks scored with the left foot in Champions League history.

All the players who got them were left-footed, all except for Lucas Moura who is actually right-footed.

The Brazilian was buzzing after the match: “Football is incredible, it can give you moments like this one.”

“This is the best moment of my life and my career. I can only thank my teammates for this,” said Moura on BT Sport.

“It is impossible for me to explain how I feel. I am very happy and proud of my teammates. We always believed this moment could come.”

“We gave everything on the pitch and we deserve this. This is a great gift from God that I want to share with all my teammates, my friends, and my family.”

“This isn’t only about me, this is also about my teammates and the great teamwork we put in. Everybody worked really hard for this.”

“Playing here against Ajax is very complicated, but I’ve always believed in my teammates.”

“Even without key players, we did it very well tonight. We always have to fight in games like this one.”

How would you describe Lucas Moura’s performance against Ajax last night? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.