Now that we know Bayern Munich was serious about signing Lucas Hernandez, it’s time to talk about the consequences for Atletico Madrid.

Spanish club Atletico Madrid tried to become one of Europe’s giants for many years, but they seem to have grown tired of trying too hard and they are finally starting to give up after Lucas Hernandez’s exit was announced today.

The French left-back was very adamant about how false the rumor of him leaving the ‘Colchoneros’ was, but here we are realizing that it was true all along and wondering what is next for Atletico Madrid after one of their best players finally decided to leave.

Many of the club’s best players are starting to catch wind of what’s happening, some of them feel deceived by manager Diego Simeone and his promises of taking the club to Champions League glory this season when he wasn’t able to produce offensive football with the new transfers.

Lucas Hernandez was the first to leave, but there are many more players who could be on their way out of the squad by the end of next summer.

This might just be the beginning of the end for Diego Simeone’s Atletico de Madrid, the Argentine manager could also be plotting his exit from the club soon and there is nothing that the fans can do to stop him.

As many of you may know, Diego Pablo Simeone has already been talking about his intentions to someday coach Internazionale Milano during his career and he has been at Atletico Madrid since 2011.

Managers who last for more than ten years in a single club are a thing of the past, Atletico Madrid’s board of directors may wish for their current boss to stay with them for many more years to come but that seems highly unlikely considering how the world has rapidly changed in the last decade.

The last two great managers who ended this trend of coaches staying in the same place for decades were Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, none of which is active today anymore.

Diego Simeone is not feeling particularly motivated to continue at the moment, especially with some of his best players already flirting with the idea of leaving the club next summer.

Diego Costa, Atletico Madrid

Is Diego Costa a lost cause for Atletico Madrid?

Believe it or not, Diego Costa's days as one of Europe's best strikers are seemingly over and now his Atletico Madrid future is in question.

We honestly have a feeling that Lucas Hernandez is only the beginning of the end for this Atletico Madrid as we know it, but we really do think that the Colchoneros have the necessary economic power to bring in a manager who could make the squad change and transform it into the offensive team that everybody believes they can be.

We predict that during the next few months, we are going to start watching many more players such as Antoine Griezmann, Saul Ñiguez, Thomas Partey, Angel Correa, and many more leaving the institution in search of greener pastures.

According to Marca, the Cochoneros recently signed Mexican midfielder Hector Herrera as an alternative in case Saul leaves and this might be an indication of the Spanish midfielder already having second thoughts of staying at the club.

If this exodus of players starts growing larger at Atletico Madrid, you can put some money on Diego Simeone also thinking about his possible exit very soon.

We know that many Atletico Madrid fans have grown increasingly tired of staying one step below other great clubs such as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, which could ultimately convince the board to possibly go after a manager with a different philosophy in order to please those fans who are currently unhappy with the way things have progressed during the current season.

Atletico Madrid was supposed to play offensive football with all the new transfers that came, that hasn’t happened and people are looking for the proper person to blame.

Which players are more likely to leave Atletico Madrid by next summer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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