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Luckiest FIFA 20 player ever goes to Manuel from France

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A FIFA 20 player known as Joao Manuel has been branded the luckiest player ever after picking up a pack containing both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Many have described it as extraordinary and others have said unbelievable.

However, there is no doubt that FIFA 20 player Joao Manuel apparently has all the luck.

It is rare enough to get a pack containing either Messi or Ronaldo, so imagine the disbelief when this player found out his pack had both of them in it.

The odds are apparently over one in a million that you could get either player in your pack for those who play Ultimate Team.

If having two GOATS wasn’t enough already, gamers went into meltdown when he revealed that they were both Champions League editions too.

Then, if he wasn’t the envy of the gaming world already, he bagged another CR7 24 hours later.

Now we all know about Joao Manuel from France.

According to EA sports, FIFA 20 Ultimate team has over 10 million players, but there is only one Joao Manuel from France