Luis Enrique announces his daughter’s passing at age 9

Terrible news coming from Spain, manager Luis Enrique announced his 9-year-old daughter passed away due to bone cancer.

The whole world of journalism was puzzled by the news that Luis Enrique was stepping down from the Spain National team due to personal reasons, now we know the terrible news involving his daughter’s passing.

At age 9, Xana Martinez Cullell sadly passed away after a tumor was detected on her five months ago.

This obviously prompted the manager to completely drop his job as the Spain manager and take care of her daughter, he helped her fight the disease but they sadly couldn’t overcome it.

Only a select group of media members had an idea of what was really happening, but all the information remained under the radar for good reason.

The only person who had any right to announce anything about this situation was Luis Enrique himself.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the pain of losing a child, we hope the Spanish coach and his family can eventually overcome the pain that comes with this terrible news.

There still hasn’t been any more communication from the manager than the message he shared on social media, which explains the recent event and thanked all the people involved in little Xana’s medical treatment.

The message that Luis Enrique shared on social media, reflects the pain that all of his family has gone through since the tumor was detected on Xana.

It was relatively short but to the point. Instantly after making this public, Luis Enrique started getting support messages from the whole world of football.

From professional football clubs, to the Spanish FA, to several news outlets around the world.

We are all united in the pain that the Martinez Cullell family is going through right now.

“Our daughter Xana has passed away this afternoon at the age of 9, after fighting for 5 intense months against osteosarcoma,” wrote Luis Enrique on Twitter.

“We thank you for all the love received during these months and we appreciate the discretion and understanding.”

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“Also, we thank the staff of the Sant Joan de Deu and Sant Pau hospitals for their dedication and treatment, to the medical nurses and all the volunteers.”

“With a special mention to the team of palliative priests of Sant Joan de Deu. We will miss you very much but we will remember you every day of our lives in the hope that in the future we will meet again.”

“You will be the star that guides our family. Rest Xanita. Martinez Cullell family.”

We will wait for any announcement about his job.

The fact that this news remained under the radar is reassuring, the Spanish press and the rest of the world showed they still have a humane side to them by respecting the manager’s wishes.

As far as the Spanish National Team’s job goes, it is obviously too soon to know if Luis Enrique has the strength to continue with his work.

It would be logical if he decided to take some time to grieve the loss of his daughter, certainly the Spanish FA wouldn’t oppose that.

The whole team sends its deepest condolences to the Martines Cullell family in this terrible time of pain, we hope they can overcome the shock as soon as humanly possible.

This isn’t time to talk about the possibility of him taking the job back, the ones who lost loved ones know how difficult it is to get through something of this magnitude.

All we can do for now is pray for Luis Enrique and his family to find serenity, they certainly deserve all the positive vibes and support from all of us.

They have a new angel taking care of them from above, rest in peace, little Xana.

Please leave your messages of sympathy and condolences to Luis Enrique in the comment section down below.


  1. Pain on oneself is not the most unbearable.
    Watching your own family slide towards death day by day and being completely helpless is the most painful thing a man can go.
    Especially if it your little princess


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