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Luis Enrique reveals the truth about fall out with Moreno

Luis Enrique and Robert Moreno
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The day of reckoning finally came for Luis Enrique, he finally told the press some more details about his falling out with Robert Moreno. 

Luis Enrique has always been known for his candor and for being pretty straight forward.

We didn’t expect him to hide anything about his falling out with Robert Moreno.

The former FC Barcelona manager decided to leave his job in the Spanish National Team a few months ago after his daughter sadly passed away.

Moreno took his position and qualified the squad to the Euro 2020, but something happened in that time between the two of them.

There are many versions to the story that lead to the same place, they had a major falling out.

We heard Moreno’s side of the story but we still needed to hear about Enrique’s, a tale from which we weren’t expecting any details.

Today, the Spain manager finally gathered the press from the country and spoke about the situation.

Everybody was pleased for having the manager back on the seat, but they were also bewildered by the situation with Moreno and demanded answers.

The coach was as honest as he could be, he basically called Moreno ‘disloyal‘ but he didn’t say anything specific about what happened.

Members of the press kept asking him for more information but he kept dodging the questions. 

This is what the gaffer said about Robert Moreno.

“I am a person who usually runs away from any controversy, anybody who followed me throughout my career knows this,” Luis Enrique told the press.

“However, I feel the need to talk about this because it involves a person who worked on my own staff for many years.”

“I also try to put myself in his shoes. The only person responsible for Robert Moreno no being part of my staff is me, not Rubiales or Molina, nor the Federation.”

“The falling out I had with Moreno dates to September 12. This is the only date in which I have contact with him.”

“He calls me to have a meeting at my house and I sense that he wants to manage the squad during the Euro 2020.”

“At this meeting, he tells me that he can return to be my second in command after the tournament.”

“I saw this coming due to events that happened during the weeks prior to the meeting. I will try to put myself in his perspective.”

“I understand he is hopeful about this chance because it is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“Moreno worked very hard for this and he is very ambitious, which is a quality I admire very much.”

“However, I believe his actions were disloyal because I wouldn’t do this and I want no one in my staff with those characteristics.”

“People who are ambitious without any measure don’t possess virtue, but a great defect.”

“What I will tell you about this is that I don’t want Robert in my staff and I am stronger than ever. All I care about is working again,” he added. 

What does Luis Enrique expect?

“I think that I may not have been that clear with my words, but I was very precise with what I think,” he continued.

“I am here and I will be at the Euro 2020 because the president and the sporting director called me to lead the squad into the competition.”

“I needed to tell you my version of the facts. It was my turn. This is all that matters now.”

“I don’t want to tell the story in another manner because there isn’t, this is the way and it’s my way.”

“Life puts you in situations where you can get a chance to meet people for who they truly are.”

“It’s a perfect way to know who is my friend and who isn’t. I wouldn’t do what Robert did.”

“I see the people who are truly on my side and who aren’t. After that, I make the decisions that I make.”

“I have nothing to criticize Robert Moreno as a professional, he is a very prepared manager and he proved it.”

“On the other aspect, I didn’t have any doubts until his words said one thing and his actions another.”

“But let us stop removing the trash. I will keep saying the same things. Nobody wins in this situation, let’s let the man be.”

“I am not the good guy of the story, but I am certainly not the bad one either,” he concluded. 

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