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Luis Enrique slams Robert Moreno in a press conference

luis enrique, spain
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Enrique took over the Spanish national team after retreating earlier this year due to the death of his daughter, Xana.

After taking over the Spanish national team, Luis Enrique put things into place in his first press conference.

Former Barcelona manager confirmed that he was the one responsible for disbanding Robert Moreno off of a managerial position.

“Robert Moreno was disloyal. He told me he was going to be the coach for the Euro and after that he would return to be my second,” he said, as reported by Marca.

“I don’t want anyone like him in my staff. Being too ambitious is not good.”

He also confirmed his animosity towards Moreno later on:

“The only one responsible about R. Moreno not being in my staff is me.”

The feud goes on, and it should be interesting to see how the team reacts to rumblings on the bench.