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Luis Figo looks back on his return to Barcelona: “My safety wasn’t guaranteed”

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One of the most shocking transfers in the history of football happened when Luis Figo switched sides, moving directly from Barcelona to Real Madrid.

Safe to say Barcelona fans didn’t like Figo from that day.

On his first return to Camp Nou, Barca’s crowd was furious at the Portuguese.

He now talked about the reception when he returned and also commented on the current events regarding El Clasico.

“I played in Barcelona and my safety wasn’t guaranteed,” he said, as quoted by Marca.

“I don’t see why the game couldn’t be played, nowadays if you have to guaranteed security then you just do it.

“Changing the date of such an important match gives strength to these people, they love to be heard, but football isn’t political.”

Barcelona will host Real Madrid once again on December 18, as the rivals are challenging for La Liga title in a tight race.