Luis Suarez feared his career was over after the 2014 WC

During an interview with Fox Sports, Luis Suarez recalled the horrible moments he lived after the 2014 World when he was suspended.

Remembering the hell that Luis Suarez went through after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is still hard for him, he was kicked out of the tournament for biting Georgio Chiellini.

This happened during the World Cup match between Italy and Uruguay, the player was expelled from the competition after the replay revealed that he bit the Italian defender on the arm.

The problem with this incident wasn’t the aggression itself, it was the fact that Suarez committed the same mistake for the third time.

Luis had a history of getting into arguments with opponents and having a violent reaction that resulted in biting them sometimes.

This happened once when he played for AFC Ajax, and another time when he was playing for Liverpool during a Premier League match against Chelsea.

It was clear that FIFA had its eye on Luis and they were only expecting him to make another mistake in order to severely punish him.

Unfortunately for Luis, this happened during a World Cup match and it nearly ended his career.

However, the treatment that came after the incident was quite over the top. FIFA was hellbent on making an example out of Suarez, they suspended him for a full semester.

The institution gave him a similar treatment they gave Maradona when they suspended him for failing a drug test back in 1994.

Suarez struggled with his family and his own mind.

The episode of Luis getting kicked out of the World Cup back in 2014 was shameful on both sides.

Luis Suarez made a terrible mistake for the third time in his career, but FIFA also created a whole telenovela out of the incident.

The player suffered abuse on social media and he really got flagged as a problematic player.

Suarez had to repeatedly tell his wife that nothing was wrong before the incident took place, but deep down he knew that he could get suspended.

There was even a moment in which Luis believed that his career could be over, but along came FC Barcelona to save the day.

The Catalan club was struggling to find the ideal players who could bring the squad back to victory after the Guardiola era.

Sporting Director Andoni Zubizarreta spoke directly with Luis, he made him feel secure by telling him he was their only option.

Suarez really could not believe his luck, he cried for a full day after getting the great news. The rest of this tale is history, as they say.

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We all know how successful Luis Suarez turned out in Barcelona. The player completely changed his attitude and those shameful episodes are a thing of the past.

But what’s the secret for ‘Lucho’?

Turns out that the player was humane enough to seek psychological help on his own, he knew he needed to fix this problem if he wanted to succeed at Barcelona.

Luis revealed this during an interview with Fox Sports that was aired in Uruguay last Thursday.

“I suffered too much, I had a terrible time for my wife, my children, and my teammates,” said Luis.

“At first, my wife kept asking me what happened and I told her ‘no, I just clashed against him(Chiellini)’. But deep down I knew I made a big mistake.”

“Things were actually much worse than that. This is the reason I sought help from psychologists and it helped me a lot to accept my mistakes in order to grow as a person.”

“I knew that the group was deeply affected by the way I was treated after the incident, they also didn’t like the way in which the let me know that I was suspended.”

“They didn’t even let me enter a stadium to watch my nephew play one time, they treated me in the most inhumane manner.”

“I even signed for Barcelona and they didn’t allow me to have a presentation with the fans.”

“When I was about to return and I went to practice, my daughter looked at me with different clothes and asked me why I dressed differently from my teammates.”

“I told her that they didn’t let her daddy in because he made a mistake.”

“I truly felt my career was finished. I cried for a whole day when Barcelona called me. I will always be grateful to that club for what they did.”

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