Luis Suarez is angry with critics over his knee surgery

After so much criticism was directed against him for getting knee surgery, Luis Suarez finally hit back at his critics from the city of Barcelona.

Everybody is talking about the miraculous recovery that Luis Suarez went through after his knee surgery, but he received a lot of criticism about it.

Right after the Catalan club lost the semifinal against Liverpool at Anfield Road, Suarez made the decision to undergo surgery in order to recover from knee problems he was suffering all year.

Initially, the Uruguay international was having cartilage problems all season but he suffered a knock that busted his meniscus near the final matches he played for Barcelona.

It was during the matches against Liverpool when he made a sprint and suffered total damage on that area, this is what ultimately pushed him to get surgery.

Suarez decided to undergo the procedure ahead of the Copa America, but his choice wasn’t well-received by critics from various Barcelona news outlets.

The folks from RAC1 even said that he didn’t really need to get any surgery, but he decided to do it in order to avoid playing the Copa del Rey final against Valencia.

This unwanted criticism wasn’t well-received by Suarez, he didn’t appreciate the people from RAC1 who accused him of lacking responsibility as a Barcelona player for missing the final against the Che squad.

Suarez obviously wanted to clear the air on any doubts against him.

“I’m used to getting criticized at this point in my career,” said Luis via Diario Sport.

“I can understand it when they do it from a footballing standpoint, I never complain about that type of criticism because athletes need to learn how to deal with that.”

“But the critics did hurt me this time around, it really bothered me. All of them speak without knowing about the subject.”

“I would love to ask any person in the world who criticize me if they can play with their meniscus completely broken…”

“This is the reality, that’s exactly what happened to me and it has nothing to do with the cartilage problem I had.”

“The reality is that I wouldn’t have played the Champions League final if we eliminated Liverpool.”

“I had a broken meniscus, that is exactly what happened. I went to get an MRI on a Wednesday and I saw that is was broken, that’s why I got surgery on the next Thursday.”

“I have recovered well from the injury, I already discussed it with the technical staff. I didn’t notice the pain during the first half against Ecuador due to the over usage of VAR.”

Ter Stegen, Neuer, Germany

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“They spoke to me about the chance of replacing me during the second half, but I had to hold throughout the whole match due to my teammates suffering various knocks and injuries.”

“This was definitely a demanding test, but it was also a demonstration of me being physically able to hold throughout 90 minutes without any major pains.”

Uruguay is surprised by Suarez’s rapid recovery.

Given that he is quite advanced in his age at this point of his career, the Uruguay medical staff didn’t expect Luis Suarez to recover so soon from the surgery.

However, the player didn’t even take more than a month to get back on the pitch. Luis came back to activity against Panama exactly one month after he underwent surgery.

The man scored a beautiful free kick goal against the Central American squad and didn’t even seem like he struggled with it.

By the time he played against Ecuador in Copa America, Suarez already explained why he remained on the pitch during the 90 minutes.

Nothing has been confirmed about Luis playing the full upcoming match against Japan on Friday, but he is expected to make an appearance.

It seems that the player recovered completely from an injury that usually takes a couple of months for any other athlete.

This means that Luis is still in his prime and we can expect him to be in top form by the knock-out stages of the competition.

After looking at the way in which the Uruguay National Team played the first match against Ecuador, we can consider them a top title contender.

However, they will be much stronger by the time Luis goes back to his maximum level of performance.

What do you think about Luis Suarez’s reaction to criticism about his knee surgery? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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