Luis Suarez, the real cause of FC Barcelona’s low form

It’s not only Lionel Messi the player whom we have to blame for FC Barcelona’s recent low form, but it’s also Luis Suarez and his goal drought.

FC Barcelona’s recent form is very alarming to all the Blaugrana supporters, there have been several debates in Spain about Lionel Messi not performing to the full extent of his abilities but nobody has bothered to mention how Luis Suarez hasn’t been performing in the last three Champions League seasons.

The Uruguay international’s last away goal in the competition goes all the way back to September 2015, this was the time when Neymar was still playing for the Catalan club and they were fresh out of winning their second treble in history.

Since then, Luis Suarez hasn’t been able to score a single goal in a total of 1.510 minutes if we count his last match against Olympique Lyonnais from this past week.

People keep blaming Lionel Messi for not being able to find the back of the net as he usually does for Barcelona, but Suarez is the one who should take the most blame because at least the Argentine has carried the squad in La Liga during the last few seasons.

La Liga is a different story for Luis, he is currently behind Leo in the top scorer’s table with 15 goals scored so far, it’s safe to say that Luis has been able to become important for Barcelona this season on a domestic level.

But Suarez has a very important couple of weeks coming for him, three consecutive matches in which the Catalan won’t play at Camp Nou and they are going to need Suarez even more than they will need Messi.

The first stop will be this weekend at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium where they will play against Sevilla, a crucial match that Barcelona needs to win in order to play El Clasico from the weekend after with a little less pressure.

Just a few days later, the Blaugrana have to play against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu in the second Copa del Rey semifinal match.

This will be another crucial game that will decide if Barcelona has what it takes this season to compete for all the trophies, Luis Suarez’s contribution will be very important for that match as well.

And finally as we previously mentioned, FC Barcelona have to make a second trip to Madrid to play La Liga’s El Clasico at the Bernabeu.

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Suarez really has no choice but to respond in at least one of these matches, if he does it in more than one then we can say that he had a good couple of weeks and we will stop getting worried for his alarming form.

Manager Ernesto Valverde keeps trying to hide the many flaws that his squad has shown so far this season, because Suarez is just another addition to a list of many details that people are starting to notice about the Catalan club.

It isn’t only Lionel Messi’s dip in form, Suarez has been lacking in the last few years but the boss keeps having his back in public whenever he gets asked about the problem.

Valverde stated that he isn’t worried about Luis Suarez not scoring goals, arguing that he would be worried if the Uruguay international didn’t create chances at all but the manager forgets a very important detail about Luis.

The striker is a player who essentially gets paid to score goals rather than missing them, sooner or later the club will have to face the reality of what’s really going on.

If Luis Suarez doesn’t respond in the most important part of the season in any competition, you can be certain that the board of directors will start looking for his replacement more seriously as soon as the summer kicks off.

Even the player knows that not delivering results at a club like Barcelona, will eventually get you kicked out of the squad or relegated to the bench.

Age can be a cold mistress for professional football players, especially for strikers like Luis Suarez.

What do you think Luis Suarez needs to improve in order to start scoring goals in the most important matches? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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