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Luis Suarez’s upcoming challenges at FC Barcelona

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We tell you all about the upcoming challenges that Luis Suarez has ahead of him at FC Barcelona before the end of the current season in Europe.

Luis Suarez had the fortune of not traveling to the international break with Uruguay due to an ankle injury he just suffered, the FC Barcelona striker is set to return in time for the Catalan Derby against Espanyol on March 30.

Suarez has a total of three different records that he will attempt to surpass before the end of the season, goals that will set him apart from many more players that have been in his position in the past.

The most urgent one is the lack of away goals that he has in the Champions League, Luis Suarez hasn’t scored a single goal away from Camp Nou in this competition since the 2015-16 season when he scored against AS Roma.

It’s been seventeen matches and nearly four years since that 1-1 draw, Luis Suarez is quite desperate to get this curse broken because he knows how much his teammates need him for this crucial part of the season.

To those who don’t remember, the last time that FC Barcelona won the Champions League was during the same season in which Luis Suarez had an impressive debut with the Catalan club right after signing his new contract when he came from Liverpool FC to the Spanish La Liga.

But Suarez has another two important records that he wants to break.

Diego Forlan’s goal-scoring record

As an Uruguay international who currently plays in La Liga, Luis Suarez has legendary striker Diego Forlan as his biggest example.

The former Villarreal and Atletico Madrid striker scored an impressive 128 La Liga goals during his time in Spain, a number that Luis Suarez recently matched after scoring that beautiful solo goal against Real Betis at the Benito Villamarin Stadium last Sunday.

The upcoming Catalan Derby against Espanyol could see Suarez surpassing the stat that his compatriot reached when he played in the Spanish La Liga, something that is a major motivation for Suarez.

Luis already won the Golden Shoe like Forlan also did during his time as an Atletico Madrid player, Diego scored an impressive 32 goals in 33 matches during the 2008-09 season and Luis managed to score 40 in a single season.

Reaching this record is one of the many challenges that Suarez has before the season comes to an end, it would certainly put him on the same historic level as Forlan in regards to the best Uruguay strikers in football history.

Suarez is the living proof of a tradition that has existed in Uruguay’s modern era, of having some of the best strikers in the world from that country.

FC Barcelona’s fourth top-scorer in history

Last but not least, we have Luis Suarez possibly trying to get the most important of all these records that credit him as one of FC Barcelona’s most impressive strikers in the club’s history.

At 173 goals as an FC Barcelona player, Luis Suarez recently surpassed Josep Escola’s 164 goals and reached the Top 5 of the all-time goal-scorers in the Catalan club’s history.

But Suarez really believes that he can crack the Top 4 by the end of the season, he only needs 11 more goals in order to reach Josep Samitier’s 184 goal-mark and he can even dream of possible cracking the podium by the start of next season.

Should Suarez keep scoring many goals for an upcoming couple of years, he could even become the club’s second all-time top scorer behind Lionel Messi who is completely unreachable.

After surpassing Samitier, Suarez only has Laszlo Kubala (194 goals) and Cesar Rodriguez (232 goals), both numbers are completely within the realm of possibilities for the Uruguay international.

All Suarez needs to do is maintain this same level of performance for at least two more seasons, something that is completely possible.

Which of these records do you think Luis Suarez will reach first? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.