Luka Jovic is the Serbian Luis Suarez

Serbian coach Mladen Krstajic has compared the Eintracht Frankfurt footballer with Barcelona’s Luis Suarez.

Serbian striker Luka Jovic has been praised to be a great forward for Eintracht Frankfurt.

And Serbian coach Mladen Krstajic has praised the youngster on the way he creates goals for his Bundesliga team.

“He’s a classic goal-getter with great control of the ball and a good understanding of the game. I’d probably compare him to Luis Suarez,” Krstajic told the Bundesliga official website.

“He’s courageous and dangerous at any moment because he’s always lying in wait for his chance or any inattention from the opponent.”

“He sometimes appears impassive or lacklustre, but that’s even more deceptive for defenders and makes him even more of a threat,” he added.

“Jovic has adapted to football in the Bundesliga much quicker than many probably expected.”

Lewandowski wants to continue playing for at least four years

The Bayern Munich attacker believes he still has four good years ahead of him to continue playing football professionally.

“You can’t forget Gacinovic and Kostic, they’ve also played their part in Eintracht’s rise. They [Kostic, Gacinovic and Jovic] are all showing that three footballers from the Balkans can get along together in a team, even with Croatia’s Ante Rebic,” Krstajic joked.

“He needs to continue this amazing development. I hope he maintains this great form because that’s crucial for me.”

Luka Jovic is enjoying his team with Eintracht Frankfurt since 2017. Before that, he played for Red Star Belgrade in his native country and Benfica in Portugal.

He has also played on all the youth squads of his nation, and since 2018 in the senior national team.


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