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Luka Modric earned his dream retirement at Real Madrid

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Now that we know Luka Modric for sure will retire at Real Madrid as a professional, let’s talk about the reasons Los Blancos have decided to grant him this.

There are very few cases in football history like the one that is currently going on with Luka Modric, the Croatian midfielder has been recently announced to sign his very last contract with Real Madrid and put an end to his career with Los Blancos.

There are very few players who are not born in the country where their club operates that have the privilege of finishing their career with the same institution where they grew up as professionals, but Luka Modric’s case is a very special one that we are going to break down for you.

We are talking about the one player who could break the dominance between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in their apparently endless rivalry to win the Ballon d’Or, the best player in the last World Cup that was celebrated in Russia last summer.

The best midfielder of the last five years in all of Europe, Luka Modric has earned this contract renewal and Real Madrid granted him this honor without a single problem.

Giving the Croatian midfielder what he wanted is something that not even Cristiano Ronaldo himself got, he picked the years he wanted to remain at the club and he was happy with the money he got for the new deal.


The deal that Luka Modric closed with Real Madrid was first reported by Diario Marca, the final extension of this contract will go all the way to June 30, 2021.

This means that Luka Modric will remain a Madridista until he is 36 years of age, a massive honor that not even Raul Gonzalez Blanco got when he was a player for Los Blancos.

But we do have to say that if Florentino Perez did this for a player, it would’ve been either Luka Modric or Karim Benzema as these two are possibly the most beloved footballers that the president has as his favorite.

People keep forgetting how much the club’s chairman struggled until the very last day of the summer transfer window to sign Modric, he kept an ongoing negotiation until the very last hour of August 31st with Spurs’ chairman Daniel Levy.

A similar negotiation went down for Gareth Bale a year later but Luka Modric has done a lot more for Real Madrid than the Welshman, plus he didn’t get injured as many times and he has never threatened to leave the club when things haven’t gone his way.

Florentino Perez values loyalty more than anything in a player.

Now that we are certain Luka Modric will keep playing for Los Blancos for over two years, we need to start thinking about the best possible ways in which the player can take better care of his body in order to keep performing in the same way he’s done it for the last three seasons.

In fact, Luka Modric has managed to remain competitive in a very challenging season for Real Madrid that has seen how Cristiano Ronaldo left the club.

The Croatian midfielder may have started the season in low form due to the busy summer he had, but it didn’t take him long to get back to his best form and help Los Blancos stay alive in all the competitions until this point of the season.

The upcoming two weeks will be crucial for Modric and Real Madrid in their attempt to win some more silverware by the end of the season, they will play two consecutive matches against FC Barcelona in Copa del Rey and La Liga before facing against Ajax in the Champions League.

Luka Modric will have to play a key role in every single one of these matches if he wants his squad to reach their goals this season, we know he already has the motivation to at least give this massive challenge a try.

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