Lukaku becomes a verb in urban dictionary

Following some really comical memes, Manchester United striker, Romelu Lukaku has now been inducted into the urban dictionary as a verb.

Things are definitely not going the way Romelu Lukaku had hoped. When he signed for Manchester United from Everton back in 2017, he was expected to provide the goods for his new team.

However, shoddy displays and inability to do basic things such as controlling the ball has made the big Belgian a butt of all jokes. Indeed, the striker has been called a flat-track bully and someone who disappears in the big games.

The striker has also grown tired of how things have gone for him at Old Trafford and is therefore seeking a new challenge. It has been reported that Antonio Conte is keen on bringing the striker to Internazionale.

While Manchester United are going to ask for a lot of money, the Nerazzurri are confident that they can wrap up a deal.

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Coming back to Lukaku becoming a verb, the striker is now a part of the Urban Dictionary. The striker is defined as “To lose something under your control; mishandling due to lack of ability and/or concentration.”

One would say that this is a pretty great tactical analysis of Lukaku’s inability to control the ball. There have been several cases when a basic pass became a tough ask for the Belgian hitman.

Indeed with things like this, it becomes very clear that a move away from England may be good for Lukaku. Devoid of confidence, Lukaku has looked far from the striker who did so well for Everton.

And Ole Gunnar Solskjaer doesn’t see him as a long-term option as well. Marcus Rashford is seen as a preferred striker and is unlikely to be easily displaced. Moreover, the club is looking at other striking options as well so Lukaku (the man, not the verb) leaving sounds just about right.


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