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Lukaku claims he is Belgium’s greatest striker

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Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku believes he should be ranked the greatest Belgian striker of all time.

Lukaku, 25, currently leads the all-time scoring chart of Belgium with 45 goals in 79 caps.

The closest rivals are Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and legendary figures Bernard Voorhoof and Paul van Hims with 15 goals behind the former Everton striker.

And he feels those stats should back up his claims in a recent interview after helping the Red Devils to their best-ever finish in the World Cup.

“People sometimes ask me if I am one of the top three Belgian strikers of all time,” he said in a quote cited on FourFourTwo.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes. I would even say that I am the best of all time. One kilometre ahead of anyone else, I’m telling you.

“I’m number one on the national team scoring list, with 34 goals in my last 33 games. What can you tell me now?”

Lukaku further admitted it took time to open his account for the national teams which came in his eighth cap against Russia in November 2010.

“It didn’t work from the beginning,” he said.

“People thought I wasn’t good in Belgium. They thought I wouldn’t score more than 25 times. I said to myself, “Wow” – I think I was barely nineteen at the time.

“Every time I play for Belgium, I play with a feeling of anger rather than pride. I told my mother that she should never come back to see me play with the Red Devils [Belgium] again, any more than my father.

“That’s why I wave to the camera when I score. I know she’s looking at me at home.”

Belgium, however, coped without Lukaku in their recent outings as they dispatched Russia and Cyprus in the Euro 2020 qualifying series.