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Lukaku is ready to help Inter fight racism

Romelu Lukaku, Inter Milan
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According to Romelu Lukaku, his current club was the team he wanted to play for in Italy, and now he’s ready to tackle racism in football.

Romelu Lukaku was subject to racist abuse in the match between Cagliari and Internazionale Milan.

But the player is now ready to fight this problem in football.

“I can talk a bit of Italian, but my vocabulary isn’t that great so I’ll start doing interviews in three weeks,” the 26-year-old was quoted by Football Italia.

“First of all, it was a sporting decision [to come here] because Inter were the club I wanted to play for in Italy.”

He spoke about Inter’s anti-racism campaign: “I think it’s a great initiative from the club. If they want me to help then I’d be willing to help, but right now I’m not focused on what’s happening around me.”

“If I hear it then I’ll address it, but right now everyone’s being nice to me. I just want to be focused on the football pitch and try to help my teammates win.”

“I think you have to leave the stadiums, of course, because it’s something we need to address,” he added.

“Also lately in England, you see a lot of issues with players from Chelsea and Manchester United in the last couple of weeks.”