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Lukaku not bothered by racial slurs, says Martinez

Romelu Lukaku, Inter Milan
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Roberto Martinez says that Romelu Lukaku isn’t going to be affected by the racial abused he has received in Italy since signing for Inter Milan.

Romelu Lukaku hasn’t been an Italy for more than a month but the Belgian has already been introduced to the dark side of Italian football.

The striker sealed a big money move to Inter Milan from Manchester United and last weekend, was subjected to monkey chants as he stepped up to score from the spot during his team’s 2-1 win over Cagliari.

And while the club’s ultras maintain that there was no racism behind the chants, it is clear that the country’s fans need to be tamed.

However, Roberto Martinez says that his player isn’t going to be affected by such things so easily.

Martinez, who managed Lukaku at Everton, said according to TalkSport: “Romelu is one of those modern footballers, he was born with attention. He had the media following him around in Belgium since he was 16.

“He had the expectations of a team that had to win at Anderlecht with Champions League participation.

“Then he had a big transfer to Chelsea, had his time at West Brom, then handled big transfers to Everton, Manchester United and now Inter.

“Romelu doesn’t get affected. He is one of the most driven boys you can see. His life is football, he lives to score goals. So I haven’t seen a difference.

“It is true he was sad with the episode he had to go through but I’m sure that is something everyone in football will try to help him and hopefully people running football will eradicate it.”

Regardless of whether a player gets affected by racial abuse or not, Italian football is definitely going to never return to the top unless or until the authorities actually do something about it.