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Lukaku on the United blame game and his eventual transfer

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Romelu Lukaku reveals he was one of three players who were used as scapegoats at United and how a lack of protection led to his transfer.

In an interview with ESPN, the Belgian international and now Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku claims that he, Paul Pogab and Alexis Sanchez were always to blame if things went wrong at United.

Plus how he felt United made no effort to stop his transfer or protecting him from rumours.

Lukaku who just has just competed for a protracted 75 million pound transfer from Manchester United to Inter Milan.

He said of his recent time at the club:

“They have to find somebody [to blame].”

“Either it’s Pogba, me or Alexis.

“It’s always the three of us. So, for me, I just see it in many ways.”

“A lot of people don’t think I should be part of that system, that’s my feeling.”

“The conversations that I have, I just know. What makes me laugh is.”

“How is s*** going bad with my team but, with my national team it’s good?”

Of how his recent transfer from United played out he said:

“A lot of stuff was said.”

“Rom’s going to go there, the coach doesn’t need him anymore, they want to sell him.'”

“That was about for a good three or four weeks.

“I’m waiting for somebody to come out and shut it down.”

“It didn’t happen, and then I had my conversation and I told him what I said.”

“I told him it’s better to go our separate ways, because if you guys don’t want to protect somebody but you guys say you want to keep him.”

“If all the rumours come out — I just wanted a bit of protection.”

“It never happened. All I heard was: ‘He’s got to go.”

“He doesn’t deserve to be there blah blah blah.’ If it’s like that so be it, I want to go now.”

Lukaku says its a dream come true to play for a manager like Antonio Conte,  who has wanted him in his team for a long time.