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Lukaku reveals being insulted by Conte as ‘trash’

Romelu Lukaku, Inter Milan
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Romelu Lukaku insists he has received a fair share of criticism from his manager Antonio Conte while revealing being called trash by him.

Romelu Lukaku has managed to settle seamlessly in the Inter Milan squad under Antonio Conte after going through a poor spell at Manchester United.

Scoring 14 goals in 20 games, Lukaku stands third in the Serie A goalscoring charts. He is only bettered by Juve’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Lazio’ Ciro Immobile. The Belgian has also managed to form a deadly partnership with Lautaro Martinez.

But Lukaku has hinted that his form is a result of harsh criticism by manager Antonio Conte.

After Inter’s Champions League stalemate against Slavia Prague, Conte was disappointed with his team. The manager, as Lukaku recalls, took his anger out on him while insulting him in front of the whole squad.

However, the Belgian striker has no ill-feeling towards his head coach.

“I played really badly, and he told me I was trash in front of the entire teme,” Lukaku told Sky Sports.

“He tells you to your face if you’re right or wrong, he said he would substitute me after five minutes if it happened again.

“He hurt my confidence. But, at the same time, he woke me up. He does it with everyone, no matter who you are. For him, everyone is equal.”