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Lukaku turned down Juventus for Inter

Romelu Lukaku, Inter Milan
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Romelu Lukaku has revealed that he chose Inter Milan over Juventus when he left Manchester United in the summer.

Romelu Lukaku decided early last year that he wanted out of Manchester United. The player has claimed he made the decision back in March.

His departure was part of two potential deals, between United and two Italian sides.

The first was Juventus and a possible swap deal involving Paulo Dybala. The second being a straight cash deal with Inter Milan.

The Dybala deal apparently fell apart because United decided against signing the Argentine after some of his financial demands.

Although Lukaku now reveals he may have a little more input on his final destination that we have been led to believe.

In an interview reported by Football Italia, the Belgian striker insists he chose Inter.

He said:

“This summer, I knew I was leaving [Manchester United].”

“I could’ve gone to Turin or Milan.”

“I wanted to go to Inter and when my agent told me, I celebrated.”

The decision appears to have been a good one. Lukaku has been in inspiring form since he arrived in Milan with Antonio Conte’s Inter side.