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Luxemburgo recalls his heated argument with Florentino

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Former Real Madrid coach Valderlei Luxemburgo, recalls the day when he had a heated argument with Florentino Perez and got sacked right after.

Brazilian manager Venderlei Luxemburgo is still considered one of the least successful coaches in Real Madrid’s history, his decision were the ones that not only pushed him out of the club but also got Florentino kicked out of the club by the associates.

During that ‘Galacticos’ era, the Brazilian manager had players like Zidane, Ronaldo, Beckham, Raul, Roberto Carlos, and Luis Figo under his command.

Such an incredible roster of players wasn’t able to win a single Champions League after the 2002 success, this is in part due to managers like Luxemburgo and the terrible decisions he made when he coached the star-studded squad.

Despite not being considered amongst the best managers in the club’s history, there was no doubt that Luxemburgo still feels like he should be given a little bit of credit for some minor details.

He talks about the change of position he did with Zinedine Zidane, but he also revealed the say in which he practically got sacked by president Florentino Perez after a heated argument between both men.

“Getting into the Real Madrid dressing room was like getting into the UN,” said Luxemburgo for The Coaches’ Voice as quoted by Diario AS.

“You have players from every nationality with whom you have to get your message across, and you have to be quick about it.”

“Contrary to what the media reported, I had no problems with any of the players. They all understood what I wanted from them.”

“I knew this because of a message that Zidane left on my phone on the day I left the club: ‘Coach, it’s a real pity that you had to leave Real Madrid. I learned a lot from you. You put me back in the position that made me win the World Cup with France’.”

“I placed Zidane in the squad playing right behind Raul and Ronaldo, he was surrounded by a very fast group of players.”

“I actually have the feeling that I left a good impression during my time at Real Madrid. I won the first seven matches.”

“But that message Zidane left me is one of the biggest gifts I take, it was my greatest conquest,” said he manager.

“My exit from the club was rushed due to an argument I had with the president, Florentino Perez. I came after one La Liga match vs Getafe,” he continued.

“David Beckham was sent off that day and we were still winning 1-0. I took Ronaldo out in order to reinforce my defence on the 87th minute.”

“The crowd at the Bernabeu didn’t like my decision because Ronaldo was the idol at that time and Florentino didn’t like it either.”

“The boss called me after the match. ‘Coach, why did you take Ronaldo out?’, he asked me.”

“‘Ronaldo had already played his match. The game was finished and we had one less player on the pitch’, I responded. I defended my decision as a tactical solution, but he didn’t agree with me.”

“He said: ‘You can’t do that here, you have to think about the fans, they want to see something spectacular’.”

“After a few years you realize that perhaps without that disagreement with Florentino Perez, I would’ve stayed at Real Madrid.”

“I do have to recognize that it was a completely unnecessary argument, I was too heated in the moment.”

“We could’ve easily spoken in another time, not right after the match when you are still tense from the game.”

“I am certain that in time, I would’ve gotten what I was looking from the players, but I didn’t have that time. In the end, the clock beat me,” he concluded.

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