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Machin doesn’t deny Alvaro Morata’s quality as a player

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During a very important time for Alvaro Morata’s future out of Chelsea, Sevilla manager Pablo Machin praised the player’s quality as a striker.

The current situation that Alvaro Morata is going through with Chelsea can’t be very comfortable, clubs like Atletico Madrid or Sevilla FC are currently bidding for him and manager Pablo Machin wanted to send him a message.

Alvaro Morata has always been a player who has struggled to earn respect amongst his peers, the only time he really felt welcome was during his short spell at Juventus when he became the Coppa Italia hero after scoring the winner against AC Milan.

On his return to Real Madrid one year later, the Spanish striker returned to the same situation he was suffering before he left, Zinedine Zidane simply didn’t consider him a star player as he always lived under Karim Benzema’s shadow.

Morata’s decision to leave Los Blancos in order to find fortune at Chelsea appeared to be the right choice, but the payer kept struggling to find his best form and never really could under any manager who came through the Blues.

Italian Antonio Conte felt he could get the best out of the striker but he never really adapted well enough to be the top striker in the squad, the same thing happened under Maurizio Sarri and a decision had to be made.

Now that the winter transfer window is in full effect, Morata’s wish would’ve been to play at Juventus and join Cristiano Ronaldo once again but the offers from Spain were far better than Italy.

Morata is now a bargaining chip and he will go to the highest bidder because Chelsea did pay an insane amount of money for him in the first place.

The options are a complete transfer to Sevilla or a loan to the Colchoneros, manager Diego Simeone denied to confirm anything related to this negotiation and will play the waiting game with the Andalusian squad.

But Sevilla’s Pablo Machin decided to take a more offensive approach, he doesn’t mind praising his potential striker in order to convince him and do whatever is necessary to get him to wear the Sevilla shirt starting this winter.

The reality is that Alvaro Morata has a lot more chances of becoming that star player he always wanted at Sevilla than Atletico Madrid, as the Colchoneros already have a squad packed with many offensive players who will compete with Alvaro for the spot.

This is a player who is tired of always struggling to get what he thinks he deserves, which is why Sevilla suddenly seems like the most attractive option.

When asked by the media about Morata’s qualities, Pablo Machin didn’t even flinch and said the following: “It’s not only me who says it, his numbers are there,” said Machin via Mundo Deportivo.

“Absolutely nobody gets anything for free, and if one or many clubs pay the money for a player, maybe it’s because he is worth it.”

“If Morata keeps getting more and more clubs interested to sign him, it’s because he is worth every penny and not because we are imagining things.”

“Alvaro has proved his worth already. He has already been a good player at Real Marid, Juventus, and also Chelsea when he plays at his real level of performance.”

“All the great clubs have great players, and the whole negotiation comes because these players are actually really good. What we want is to have the best possible squad, then there is the person who has to do all the negotiations.”

“There are many times in which the negotiations happen in an organic way with everything that happens daily with the sanctions, the injuries, and the players who are not cutting it.”

“Bringin Morata would be a blessing, we have no problem with having him and Silva on the same squad.”

“Remember we are playing three different competitions, there are minutes for everybody, so many matches to choose from… Great players always come in handy,” he concluded.

Where would you like to see Alvaro Morata, at Sevilla or Atletico Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.