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Madrid Doctor rates Bale a better athlete than Ronaldo

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Former Real Madrid doctor Jesus Olmo insists that Gareth Bale is the greatest athlete he has ever seen.

As far as the statistics suggest, many of us would say that Gareth Bale is not fit to lace the boots of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Goals, assists all-round performances Ronaldo is streets ahead of his former teammate.

When it comes to appearances, Ronaldo was almost ever-present. Yet Bale has not even featured in 50 percent of the games he has been at the club for.

While there are also many similarities and comparisons.

It is hard to compare the two as equals never mind with the Welshman as superior to the Portuguese star.

Yet according to Los Blanco’s one-time doctor Jesus Olmo as far as an athletic specimen and athletic ability Bale is the very best he has seen.

Speaking to Ideal, the doctor said:

“Possibly the best athlete I’ve seen is Gareth Bale.”

“He’s a natural athlete capable of excelling at practically any sport.”

“He has unusual genetics and athletic ability, and I would say technical ability as well.”

“He’s the one who impressed me most in all aspects, although there is then performance, which comes about from different circumstances.”

Translating that athleticism to football on the field of play is another matter. Ronaldo has certainly managed to do that better than almost anyone else ever.