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Maguire will be United’s future captain: Henry Winter

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With the news that Harry Maguire might be joining Manchester United soon The Times’ chief football writer Henry Winter has praised him.

The Time’s chief football writer Henry Winter has praised Leicester City’s Henry Winter.

The player might be transferred soon to Manchester United, and for the writer, he has all the qualities to be a future captain.

“He’s a leader, he’s a future Manchester United captain,” Winter told Sky Sports.

“Anyone who’s interviewed him, or spent any time around him, knows he’s a good character. I think it’s a great buy.”

“We’re always debating good characters, especially around the [Gareth] Southgate ethos. He steps into midfield from the defense, but he also contributes goals,” he commented.

“He’s such a bubbly character. You come out of an interview with him thinking this is a really nice kid, England are in good hands.”

“People have discussed why it took so long, but Leicester have played hardball,” he continued.

“This is the new reality of the Premier League; you’ve got in inverted commas a ‘mid-table’ club like Leicester, with the financial resources from broadcast and wealthy owners, and they don’t want to be pushed around.”