The Japanese veteran footballer says his team needs to focus in qualifying to the UEFA Champions League next season, or even to win the Europa League this season.

German Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt is set to play against Benfica in the UEFA Europa League Quarterfinal.

But the team is also in fourth place of the Bundesliga with 52 points, five behind third-place RB Leipzig.

“The team is playing really well right now and everyone around us is talking about titles – and qualification for the Champions League,” Hasebe told

“We have to remain humble and concentrated. If we can continue to play as well as we are now, then I’m sure we’ll have a successful season.”

“Being adaptable is important,” he said.

“I can only play in the Bundesliga because I’m able to adjust to the different requirements.”

“Makoto stands out when we have the ball because he’s incredibly strong on it and can open the game up really, really well from the back,” Austrian coach Hütter said.

David Abraham, Frankfurt, Bundesliga

David Abraham banned for the rest of the year for shoving Freiburg manager

The emotions ran high - perhaps a bit too high - when Frankfurt were trying to catch up with Freiburg's 1-0 lead, causing some awful scenes.

“He has an unbelievably good eye for a forward pass through the lines. That’s already impressive.

“But defensively you also have to say quite clearly that he’s the type of player who shoots out on his man. He’s a player who can guess quite early where the ball is going and whose anticipation is good,” the boss added.

Apart from playing in the Europa League, Eintracht has five matches left in the calendar: against Wolfsburg, Hertha Berlin, Bayer Leverkusen, Mainz, and Bayern Munich.


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